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groundcrew_sound - April 02

Dan testing out some new plugins on Colleen Harry’s voiceover demo...might need to dial it back a little bit. How is everyone staying sane during quarantine? We’re still open but we don’t really have the sanity thing figured out yet...


groundcrew_sound - March 26

We’re still here churning out spots, PSAs, and anything else you need. Stay safe out there 🖤 🎙


groundcrew_sound - March 24

Knocking out a session for Prarie View this morning #quarantinestyle


groundcrew_sound - March 19

Busy day over here at the Groundcrew! We are fortunate to still be running at full capacity. We’ve been using Source Connect and phone patch for a while now, so we’re used to self quarantining. Hit us up for all of your audio needs. Stay safe and clean y’all. 🧼


groundcrew_sound - March 16

We’re taking cleanliness very seriously over here at groundcrew sound. If you have a session booked over the next couple weeks, know that you’re in clean hands. Also, we can connect you to the studio from the comfort of your own home. Through source connects, phone patch, Skype, and a lot of other connection programs, we have you covered. #soundsgreat #rossisgoingtohurtme #sendhelp


groundcrew_sound - March 13

Things are starting to get pretty crazy out there, y’all. With the outbreak of the corona virus, it’s important that we avoid too much too much socializing. During this situation we wanted to remind everyone that if you’re working from home, we offer phone patches, Source Connect, ipDTL, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and anything else you can think of to link clients, agencies and voice talents from remote studios to Groundcrew Sound. The crew will be working regular hours for all of your needs. Wash your hands, don’t touch your eyeballs, and enjoy your weekend 👊


groundcrew_sound - March 11

Congrats to one of our favorite VO talents, Jeff Pillars on his role in the new HBO show, “The Outsider”. Our talent are so...talented. #soundsgreat


groundcrew_sound - February 18

Voiceover is a form of acting but it makes you put yourself in a different place than typical stage or camera acting. Have any of you guys transitioned from classic acting to VO? Let us know your story! #soundsgreat


groundcrew_sound - February 11

We couldn’t agree more. (We might be a little biased) #soundsgreat


groundcrew_sound - February 10

Our #mcm this week goes out to Garrett Weeter. He started his voiceover over only a few years ago but has made his voice known. With a friendly voice and approachable tone, he lends himself well to just about any role. #soundsgreat


groundcrew_sound - January 29

Our #wcw this week goes out to one of our favorite people. Heidi Dove is a multi-faceted talent that we are proud to have on our roster. #soundsgreat “I fell in with voice acting while working in television production.  I am a proud owner of a Neumann U87.  Oh, did I mention I'm a gadget geek.  I love owning great gear.  I use a Apogee Duet for my I/0, Grace 101 mic pre amp and did I mention I have a Neumann U87?” -Heidi Dove


groundcrew_sound - January 27

Our #MCM this week goes out to Tim Parati. You may have seen him in movies or tv (this photo is right before he was killed in The Walking Dead). He’s a multi-talented artist, who we are proud to have on the roster. “Tim Parati is an actor, artist, creative who makes his home in North Carolina with his beautiful wife Kim, their amazing daughter, Ava Luna, and spirited pup, Zydeco. He has been with the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte as their Resident Charge Scenic Artist for over 20 years as well as other arts groups in the area such as Opera Carolina and Charlotte Ballet. He has appeared in over 50 films and television programs. His painting has been seen on stage, on screen, in museums and commercials”.


groundcrew_sound - January 23

Finally got the chance to take Dan out for his birthday lunch. Cheers to a great co-worker and an even better friend. #benjaminbutton


groundcrew_sound - January 21

The director of today’s session was really tough on the talent, but we made it through.. #cheezin #cutnessoverload


groundcrew_sound - January 20

Our #mcm this week goes out to Jonathon Wilde. Enjoy!


groundcrew_sound - January 15

Our #wcw this week goes out to @tracie_frank ! “Tracie Frank is an actor known for her powerful, sometimes intimidating presence on both stage and screen. Growing up with a mom who loved sci-fi and a dad who cracked up at Saturday morning cartoons, Tracie is an offbeat dreamer who inherited a love for fascinating stories. In 2015 she finally found the courage to quit her desk job and fully pursue an acting career. The resulting opportunities and experiences inspire her to keep pushing forward every day.” Tracie looks back with awe at how far she's come in such a short time, and she looks ahead with gratitude for doors both open and closed. Look out! She's just getting started!


groundcrew_sound - January 08

Our first #wcw of the year goes out to @mckinnamckinna “I was introduced to voiceover and Ground Crew Sound years ago by a happy accident. I started taking their workshops. I was hooked. Like real deal, this is it for me, never so sure about something in my life. Every single time I step into the booth I still get that thrill! I am a Jill-of-all-trades, I love knowing how to do everything from styling a photo shoot to making custom window treatments to finishing and installing cabinets or operating a letterpress. Voice over is another fantastic opportunity I get to place in my toolkit.”


groundcrew_sound - January 07

Started the year off right with one of our favorite talents and favorite clients. @tracie_frank @wray_ward


groundcrew_sound - January 06

Our first #mcm of the new year goes out to @christurbiville Enjoy! “My voice is often described as “un-announcery” (is that a word?) and “raspy/cool/swaggery” (definitely not a word). Basically I sound like the guy sitting next to you at a bar—minus the slurring. An everyman with a cool edge who also happens to be a professional actor. How can you go wrong? Over the years, I’ve worked on local, regional and national network spots and promos for a bunch of pretty impressive clients. They dig me because I make them look like geniuses (in a minimum number of takes). Plus, I have my own studio so I can get a session up and running faster than you can say, “Shave two seconds off.” Some people think voiceover is just talking into a mic. Thank goodness they’re wrong, otherwise I’d really have to worry about that guy at the bar”


groundcrew_sound - December 09

Our #mcm this week goes out to Joe Van Riper. He’s been doing it longer than just about anyone on our roster and he’s got the voice to prove it. “Joe Van Riper’s voice has been swaying listeners for many years, exhorting the virtues of everything from musical toilet tissue dispensers to global defense systems. This earned him the nickname: "Mr. Voiceover". Or, simply, "MrVO". He has taken you on dozens of tours through magnificent old mansions on A&E’s award winning series, “America’s Castles”. You’ve listened to him as you toured presidential libraries, famous museums, and dozens of university campuses. He lives in your radio and TV, explaining the wonders of hundreds of commercial products. He is even (literally) the voice of God for many recorded children’s bible stories. Joe Van Riper is a voice for hire, located in beautiful Charlotte, NC where he has spent most of his professional career. Voice acting and audio production have been his full time business for over 40 years.”


groundcrew_sound - December 03

Sound is our art. We make sure every step in our signal flow is the best because every step is crucial. #soundsgreat


groundcrew_sound - December 02

Our #mcm this week goes out to none other than to the instagramless Brett Gentile. You’ve probably seen him in The Walking Dead, The Avengers, and a whole slew of other movies. His voiceover is also top notch. Check him out!


groundcrew_sound - November 26


groundcrew_sound - November 22

This is how Maria Howell feels about a great session and the fact that it’s Friday.


groundcrew_sound - November 19

We may know a secret or two.. #soundsgreat •#charlotteiscreative #audio #studiolife #Charlotte #recordingstudio #talent  #engineer #acting #studiotime #commercial #advertising #NC #radio #production #creative #voice #voiceover #sounddesign #studio #apple #film #tv #postproduction #production #productionhouse #sound #VO #ADR #recording


groundcrew_sound - November 18

Our #mcm this week goes out to Albert Hensley. “Best known as a warm, fun, upbeat and conversational guy next door, Albert Hensley can also deliver the intelligent and insightful industrial corporate videos, amazing comedy characters, funny off-the-wall people, mobile apps and sizzle reels; not to mention, the warm, smooth, and inviting sexy leading man. Albert provides solid acting chops behind the voices, truly becoming the personality you're looking for.”


groundcrew_sound - November 15

Had a fun Friday with many sessions and @steph_aka_chloe in from LA. We miss you here on the East Coast 👍 have a safe flight back, Chloe.


groundcrew_sound - November 12

Wise words from a wise man.


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