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groundcrew_sound - June 03

Had Zade Patterson here in the studio working on his new demo. He’s super talented and it’s sounding great 👍


groundcrew_sound - May 29

Here’s a little flash back Friday. Have a great weekend y’all! #audio #studio #mac #apple #neumann #micphone #voiceover #actor


groundcrew_sound - May 21

#tbt to this spot from Britax. Mix and casting done right here at Groundcrew Sound. #soundsgreat #audio #actor #sound #mix #studio #apple #soundesign #audio #studio #advertising


groundcrew_sound - May 21

We don’t have a problem. We can stop whenever we want.


groundcrew_sound - May 20

Awesome having Tony Pasquale in the studio today! (Virtually). Always a pleasure working with @wunthompson and @nclottery


groundcrew_sound - May 19


groundcrew_sound - May 14

#tbt to this Windex project we worked on a few years back 🐦 We did the VO recording on this one. Check it out!


groundcrew_sound - May 12

This is why we love what we do. We get to come in everyday and work on new projects with new people and new ideas. In turn, this causes us to have to learn and adapt on every project. We wouldn’t have it any other way. #soundsgreat


groundcrew_sound - May 07

Y’all didn’t get the memo? It’s blue patterned shirt day 😂


groundcrew_sound - May 05

Knocking out some Spring cleaning today. That hard hat makes Dan look good...


groundcrew_sound - April 30

Wait, what was that? You feel like your quarantine just isn’t up to par because you haven’t checked out our recent work? Well, have no fear. We’ve uploaded a whole bunch of recent work that we’ve done to our website. Check it out! #weloveourjobs


groundcrew_sound - April 28

Hey crewpies! Check out some of our recent work on our website. We’re pretty stoked on some of the stuff we’ve been working on.


groundcrew_sound - April 27

Dan hammering out some @centralpiedmontcc spots today with the incredibly talented Chloe Taylor. #soundgreat #getedumicated #audio #voiceover #recording #recordingstudio


groundcrew_sound - April 22

Getting down on some tape conversions! James K. Flynn taking some old reels and converting them to a more modern apparatus.... #reeltooreal #soundsgreat #audio #acting #actor #voiceover #studio #recordingstudio #record #recording


groundcrew_sound - April 21

Prince said it right. We are still rolling at full capacity and putting out the same great quality. It’s important that in times like these, we continue to do that which drives you. Even if it’s just for your own sanity. #audio #recording #voiceover #sounddesign #music #nuendo #production #postproduction #soundsgreat #groundcrew #actor #acting #advertising #weloveourjobs #essential #media


groundcrew_sound - April 14

Started off the day with a zoom session with Bolt Group. The incredibly talented Heidi Dove laid down some VO magic for Archroma. #weloveourjobs


groundcrew_sound - April 13

We wanted to say congrats to our #mcm Brian Lafontaine. You can see him now in the new season of Ozark! Streaming on Netflix now. Also, turn the sound on and listen to his voiceover demo. He’s a ridiculous talent on and off screen.


groundcrew_sound - April 07

Hey you! Check out our temporary work set up! (And ogle with us at Ross’ portable rig) John, Jason, Dan, and Connor are holding down the fort in studio. Ross and Anna are working from home but are still in full swing for whatever you need. Stay safe, wash your hands, and stay at least 6 ft away from us. Talk to ya soon 🎤


groundcrew_sound - April 02

Dan testing out some new plugins on Colleen Harry’s voiceover demo...might need to dial it back a little bit. How is everyone staying sane during quarantine? We’re still open but we don’t really have the sanity thing figured out yet...


groundcrew_sound - March 26

We’re still here churning out spots, PSAs, and anything else you need. Stay safe out there 🖤 🎙


groundcrew_sound - March 24

Knocking out a session for Prarie View this morning #quarantinestyle


groundcrew_sound - March 19

Busy day over here at the Groundcrew! We are fortunate to still be running at full capacity. We’ve been using Source Connect and phone patch for a while now, so we’re used to self quarantining. Hit us up for all of your audio needs. Stay safe and clean y’all. 🧼


groundcrew_sound - March 16

We’re taking cleanliness very seriously over here at groundcrew sound. If you have a session booked over the next couple weeks, know that you’re in clean hands. Also, we can connect you to the studio from the comfort of your own home. Through source connects, phone patch, Skype, and a lot of other connection programs, we have you covered. #soundsgreat #rossisgoingtohurtme #sendhelp


groundcrew_sound - March 13

Things are starting to get pretty crazy out there, y’all. With the outbreak of the corona virus, it’s important that we avoid too much too much socializing. During this situation we wanted to remind everyone that if you’re working from home, we offer phone patches, Source Connect, ipDTL, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and anything else you can think of to link clients, agencies and voice talents from remote studios to Groundcrew Sound. The crew will be working regular hours for all of your needs. Wash your hands, don’t touch your eyeballs, and enjoy your weekend 👊


groundcrew_sound - March 11

Congrats to one of our favorite VO talents, Jeff Pillars on his role in the new HBO show, “The Outsider”. Our talent are so...talented. #soundsgreat


groundcrew_sound - February 18

Voiceover is a form of acting but it makes you put yourself in a different place than typical stage or camera acting. Have any of you guys transitioned from classic acting to VO? Let us know your story! #soundsgreat


groundcrew_sound - February 11

We couldn’t agree more. (We might be a little biased) #soundsgreat


groundcrew_sound - February 10

Our #mcm this week goes out to Garrett Weeter. He started his voiceover over only a few years ago but has made his voice known. With a friendly voice and approachable tone, he lends himself well to just about any role. #soundsgreat


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